25 Most Random, Most Weirdest, and Most Interesting Facts About Me

Heyaa! I'm back and I'm currently bored. I've been recently scrolling all over different blogs and I was really getting bored being left home alone always. I'm going back to jail a.k.a school within 7 days. (I'm attending a public school. And Hey! Don't judge. I just want to experience studying in public schools.) And my week won't be interesting until the 29th, where I'll be fetching my from the airport. I've seen a few blogs do the "Facts About Me" tag, So I've thought, why not give it a try? So here are the 25 Most Random, Most Weirdest, and Most Interesting (and probably most stupid too,) Facts About Me.

1. My second name was supposed to be  "Camila", but the day I was born, they've registered my name wrong into "Camil" so my parents just went with it.

2. I prefer sleeping the whole day instead of going out. (unless if I have money, which is usually not because I'm always broke!)

3. I love tea! And I don't know why but I don't like the taste of Coffee. That's why if you invite me for a Starbucks date, don't be weirded out if I orded a basic tea with a lot of customization. (And my over ordered Starbucks drinks are: Berry Hibiscus Passion Tea {a Passion Iced Tea with  the water for Very Berry Hibiscus w/ light ice} The Strawberry Lemonade Tea {Strawberry lemonade with equal parts black iced tea and lemonade ; Half the regular amount of strawberry} and Iced Green Tea Latte {the basic one} Am I considered as a white girl already? Nah? 


4. This might be random but, I'm actually into drawing. Not the sketchy person one, but the Anime ones. I don't even know, I just find it interesting. (check my ugly works on deviantart : maxineurqico)

5. People consider me "friendly" (but some consider me "FC" idek why) but It's not my fault that I love to make friends. It was also one of the reasons that I might be an anti-socialist in my school this year. Or maybe not because I still love having new friends.

6. No shit sherlock. My past time is reading fanfics, eating and sleeping in the afternoon.

7. I fancy a lot of boys from different bands and boybands.

8. I mostly listen to punk rock (e.g Artic Monkeys, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, etc.) pop rock (e.g Imagine Dragons, The Vamps, etc.) and indie music. (e.g Lorde, Airsupply, etc.)

9. I'm into bands, boybands, and boys in bands. You could maybe describe me as a common band girl with the number of bands I like.

10. I'm part of the 5SOS Family. They were the first band to make me fangirl enough to start a twitter fan account (which I wasn't into much, @frozencalumx)

11. Specifically, I'm a Cashton girl? but bear with it. I might be a C.A.L.M girl.

12. My favorite song is Good girls by 5 Seconds Of Summer.

13. I speak a little bit of french? no shit sherlock. I read too many fanfics sorry.

14. I usually sing voodoo doll by 5SOS in the shower. sorry not sorry.

15. I don't know why but I find Acacia Brinley as my fashion inspiration. I love the way she could change her phases time to time and they all suit her. She has a great IG Feed and she's only 16 with 1.2M Followers to remind you.

16. I took voice lessons when I was in 3rd grade until 6th grade. I usually sing in class compitions and all. 

17. I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar or the ukelele. But sadly, I'm too lazy to learn because I'm still taking my piano lessons.

18. If I was given a lifetime chance, I would like to become a photojournalist someday. Travelling my favorite places like New York, London, Japan, France, and other places I'd like to visit.

19. This one might sound stupid but, I once played dumb on a guy I like. I pretended that I didn't know how to ride a bike so he could teach me. HAHAHA that was years ago and I just remembered my stupidity now.

20. I love to procrastinate meh.

21. Show me a cute boy in a movie and I will instantly put it on my "crush list". ( not to sound like a slut or whatever but the crush list is the list of my celebrity crushes. End of story. )

22. I don't like J.Co doughnuts and I prefer Krispy Kreme ones. Lol, don't even ask why.

23. I'm not the kind of person who takes so many selfies, but It depends.

24. I actually wan't to start for YouTube but I'm scared to get hate so I'm sticking with Blogging for now until I find some courage to start a channel.

25. I've always dreamt to be a tumblr girl. Wow, I don't even know why it's part of my life goals.

Well I think that's enough! See you until next blog post because my blog is getting shittier and shittier if you haven't notice yet.

xx, Xine



  1. Maxine , I don't know why but I can't follow you on your blog , can you like put a follow me gadget for your blog followers so that i can follow you :)

    1. i'm trying to fix my blogger following gadget haha sorry 'bout that :D

  2. Great to hear you love Lorde! I`m an officer of the street team hehe @teamlordeph ;) I listen to different genres too especially metal, pop punk, hard core and hip hop. lovely post, dear!!

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

    1. thank you!! i'm following the street team haha x