Everything's Better When We Do It Together


Last night, it was my Aunt's birthday and as usual, we celebrated it with the great Urquico Family Dinners! We ate at Golden Fortune a local Hongkong cuisine. I got to met my dear cousins again, after a long time without our famous cousin get-togethers. We salvaged our hungers, chatted about random stuffs and just teased each others-- just like the old times. 

Here's a quick blurred gif of the candle blowing


Everything went well. We all said our last happy birthday to Tita Terry before saying our good byes and heading home with smiles on our faces. I'm really looking forward for our next family outing on the 18th at a local resort. I quote from the song 'Everything's better when we do it together' , "We'll remember all these moments forever. Let's live and love the way it was meant to be. Together with them, and you and me."

Truly, Eveything is better when we all  do it together.

Keep the faith x

xx, xine



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