2 weeks of my school year is official down, about 36 weeks more? (sorry, I suck at math) And for the past 2 weeks. My best friend, (you obviously know who I'm talking about) Nichole, visited a lot, I mean, a lot of after school coffee shops. But today, in the afternoon after school. We visited this coffee shop I was seeing throughout my IG newsfeed called Amo Yamie Crib. I found about this shop through a few friends who've been there and posted about it on Instagram. I found the pictures cute and became curious about the shop. So, I contacted my friend, Jamie, who spent her birthday there, where it was located and all. So I invited Nicz for an after school lakwatcha.

Firstly, Let's talk about the interior of the shop. The first time we passed thru the glass door, the arousing scent of coffee filled my nostrils making me feel so relaxed and comfortable. And as we stepped right inside, Nicz and I were in awe. It was simply unique. With all the decorations and stuff. From doodles to a mini cupcake Ferris Wheel. And one of the coolest things I found inside the shop were the seats. You get to choose to seats in a little spaced place called a crib, with a certain name. We took a narrow staircase to the 2nd floor and found more seats. But this time, they were called towers. AYC is a coffee shop/movie house. As we reached the 2nd floor, we also found this collection of DVDs. Again, we were in awe to see the great number of the movies we love. (being a movie lover, both of us.) 

The DVD Collection Shelf ft. Nichole haha

Now let's talk about the food and drinks they serve. AYC basically serves one of the coolest drinks from the past coffee shops I've been. Like, you can get a great tasting tea for only about? 60 pesos? It actually depends of the kind of drink and the size. But I find it really affordable. I usually take my Starbucks drinks for around, 110 pesos for a grande Passion Iced Tea. But the drinks they serve drinks in cute mason jars with the cutest names you could think of. Nicz and I ended up ordering Plain fries, The Three Maltesers frappe for Nicz and a simple Buzz Lychee tea for me. (Everyone kinda knows my obsession with tea and my issues with caffeine.)

School sucks. Its the truth for many high school students like us with no life outside the internet. Nicz was really in the bad mood when we met up after our classes. She really didn't know what to do and I tell you, I really wanted to leave her alone because she was literally being mean to me. But she told me about her situation and I understood her. So I took her here and the truth, Food always give of Good Vibes to us.

Before leaving, Nicz and I officially declared AYC was going to be our new after school tambayan. Because, why not? After all the pressures with school work and terror teachers (lol, jk. PHSian teachers are the best <3) Sipping tea comfortably at AYC was really our go-to this school year. I'm also planning on spending my birthday here with a couple of friends, renting a movie, and just plain fun.

OH! And by the way. We visited the San Fernando branch. The one located at the 2nd floor of the commercial building beside Jollibee Intersection (It's near our school! yay!) and there's this branch too at Angeles City but I haven't been there yet.

Amo Yamie Crib is literally a place best for relaxation.

Contact them here for more information. Tell them I recommended you here.

  • Phone 0917-833-5017



  1. Such a nice place to spend time after school or even if you just want to feel happy. I love the interior. :)

    Style and Glow

  2. I found myself enjoying while exploring your so-awesome blog. -Colinne Martin haha!