Max, come over. It's Mika's Birthday.

Really? Oh. Tell her I said happy birthday!

Okay, okay. But you'll come right?

I don't know .. I'm kinda grounded at the moment

Oh come on! We're in desperate need of a photographer 

But I need to finish editing my portfolio. I need to pass it for my school photojournalism application.

We'll help!

I'm such a retard. These were taken on the 15th of June, yet I just finished editing them today. And sorry for the delay. School sucks and I'm always occupied with school work and all. Going back, LaviniaBea and Mikaela had this somehow called photoshoot for my portfolio at Mika's subdivision. Everything went well and I could say that I have improved. If you checked my last photoshoot. Something Edgy and Something Bold you could really see the differences. I'm currently self studying (by reading a few photography guide books I found at my local bookstore) and going out for test shots. But anyways, We had fun until my batteries died (I forgot to charge my camera before going out) but that didn't stopped us from taking ridiculous low quality pictures on our phones haha x

I remember one time, someone went to PM me about her problems on friendship. They were 3 friends who are now entering 6th grade and one of them asked me for help. One of them are acting very distant to them. The girl who asked me for help said that she changed. Like, she was in-directing them to stop be-befriending her. You know what? I told her straight that those were the usual friendship problems. Do you remember that girl you became best friends with in 5th grade because you were classmates? And now that you two got separated into other classes, you stopped seeing each other? nor became snob to one another?

These 3 weird kids have been my best friends for like, a solid year already. We have one large group/barkada.Our whole summer was consistent of barkada days out and meet-ups. All you got to do is stay true to yourself. It's like the best thing you can do to keep a healthy friendship, 

Nothing will keep true friends apart. Not even when I transferred schools, they constantly begged me to visit them. Why? because that's what true friends are. No matter who many miles you guys are apart. You, and them will always find a way to see each other.

xx, Xine



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