So today, we visited the first and only open water marine theme park in Southeast Asia, Ocean Adventure which was located in Subic Bay. I was really excited when we arrived because it's been like, four years, since my last visit here. I had fun since I get to capture works and out of boredom, I decided to VLOG my stay. Haha. Remember when I said I wanted to try for youtube but I'm too lazy? I finally decided to get my ass up and film something. (I'll post it sometime when I'm not busy)

Yes, I know. I'm inactive and I have a lot of explaining to do. But before we get to that, if you're following my instagram, then you must have known by now that I went to different events lately and for the record, I haven't blogged yet a single one. Well, I have all the photos edited and the draft but my body was too lazy and decided to procrastinate all the work again. I can't promise anything that I'll be able to post them before morning, (I have 5 pending posts) but just check my blog daily. I might post them but I'll manually change the dates so they'll come first before this post. 

So when we came home, I felt the urge of needing to post this right away. So please bear with me and my unedited photography works x)

It was fine, the highlight of my day was watching a dolphin show, documenting my cousin while she swims with the dolphins (she availed a package), walking around with a stick (namely, called a monopod) and talking to it (i was filming for the vlog. hey dont judge), purchasing this cute stuffed cat (see picture) and some barefoot sandals, get wet (literally) by a Sea lion, and visiting the nike factory store<3

School sucks. I was inactive because of the lack of time. I recently became part of our student council; position of grade 7 representative and SSG is very busy, especially with the upcoming events we are organizing. But despite my busy schedule, I'll always find a way to continue writing in this blog. :)