Remember that moment when you just wished it never happened? Or the time you wish you could just go back and and fix it? Don't worry if you messed up once, twice, trice or even a hundred more because nobody's perfect. It's natural. We'll make mistakes the way we always do. (and yes, I quoted from one of Mayday Parade's song. *fangirls*)

Hi guys! Yes, I know. I was inactive for the past few weeks but I have a total valid reason. I ran for the position of Supreme Student Government Grade 7 Representative at our school and I was so busy with my campaign and everything. I remember I posted a preview of my next blogpost entitled "UNBREAKABLE" featuring my visit at my old school St. Scholastica's Academy CSFP during their Kick Off. But unfortunately, my procrastination got the best of me and there I was, with unedited photos and a blogpost draft. But I swear! I'll try to post my adventure at Star City, my 13th birthday celebration and the Kick Off before Thursday this week. :)

But anyways, last Tuesday, Rachel from Roaring Rachel tagged me in her blogpost. Thank you Rach! 


1. Post these rules.
2. List down the embarrassing moments you remember that have happened to you. If possible, list them all. (Minimum of 5 moments, no maximum.)
3.Tag whoever you want to, and let them know you've tagged them.

I guess I'll start now?

Okay this happened just recently. As I've said, last sunday, I visited SSA to celebrate their Kick Off. I entered the campus alone (Nicz was already their but I couldn't find her) and it was seriously awkward! I was wearing a nirvana tee and a pair of skinnys from Forever 21 while everyone (students obviously) were wearing their PE t-shirts. I was walking around, trying to find someone I know. I spotted a few of my 6th grade classmates and came running over them. But I didn't noticed, my shoes were too big for me. So while running towards them, they came off of my feet. I was too embarrassed to get them because they ended in front of a few high school students. So I asked my friend to get them for me. Opps! 

This is not actually an embarrassing moment but It's something I wished I could go back and fix it. Everybody knew I had a "boyfriend" at the age of 11. And I swear, if I could go back time, I would. My 11 year old self doesn't really know about this thing called kahihiyan. We lasted, what? for almost 2 years? I swear! I just felt embarrassed at my self just after graduation. It just came to me that I was so clingy and aggressive as a so called girlfriend. But now that I'm officially a teenager. I'm swearing I'll never be clingy nor aggressive because its too damn embarrassing.

This happened during my 6th grade. It was preparation for our Academy days, and my 5th grade adviser asked me to help them for their preparation for their class performance. So it was our vacant period and I decided to visit them, with my two other friends tagging along with me. So after teaching them, I noticed we were going to be late for our next class. So I rushed to our room. (leaving my two other friends, opps!) and entering a room screaming, "Miss! Sorry I'm late!" but looking around, I noticed it wasn't our classroom. Almost half of the class turned their attention to me. I felt so embarrassed, I rushed out of their room and entered my classroom. Good thing there wasn't a teacher inside their room that time.

Okay, this one is so embarrassing. I think this happened around my 3rd grade? So I played truth or dare with my friends. And when it was my turn, they dared me to jumped in front of my crush. At first I was, "there is no way I'm doing that" but then, I didn't want to suffer the consequences. So I did it anyways. I spotted my crush and I walked towards him, I almost slipped into a puddle but somehow he caught me, and whispered, "So, ako pala crush mo?" Damn! It was so embarrasing!

This happened at 6th grade. And I swear, I would do anything to turn back and never did this. I lied to my crush that I didn't know how to ride a bike so he could teach me. So when we went over his subdivision, I rode his bike and forgot "i didn't know how to ride one". My friend pointed this out and laughed at me. It was so damn awkward!

Okay, enough of this. I'm soooooooo done.

Rad Nominees

You know what? If your reading this right now, I dare you to do this tag! Yes, I'm nominating you to try this tag. Don't forget to tag me in your posts. I'll be looking forward in reading your stories :D

Remember, don't be ashamed with the things you've done wrong. Always remember, we just don't learn from our second tries, we always learn from the laters 

xx, Xine



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