On Our Way

 Yup. I used a title of  a The Royal Concept song.

I think my best friend mentioned in her post last Saturday that I attended an appointment with a client for a photoshoot at Paskuhan, Pampanga. Well, a girl group from my school hired me as their official photographer. It was a big break for me! Why? This girl group is kind of popular at my school. These clients of mine where satisfied with my shots and promised to promote me. And guess what? I have more people coming to have their pictures taken by me! This is when I decided to start Xine Photography - Photography Services which will officially open this coming Tuesday! I'm editing their shots at the moment, but I got too excited to write this. So, enjoy these raw photos of Glamorous 6, a PHSian girl group. 

I had fun shooting for these girls. I could say they were worth the time to shoot for because they were all camera worthy. Hoping for more businesses with them!

Oh! I was tagged by Pia from Free Spirited for The Liebster Award (yet, again) and Shout out to her for nominating me! I'll write about it soon since I'm on a long weekend vacation at the moment.

I'm obsessing over The Royal Concept right now! I found this song on spotify while talking to a band obsessed friend of mine ( shout out to him! you know who you are ;) ) and I can't get the song out of my head!

Anyways, see you 'til next blog post! x



  1. Hello!! :) I nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award.


    1. Oh my goodness! thank you! I'll write about it very very soon!:)

  2. Hey I have tagged you for the 5SOS Tag! I hope you can do it!

    Love, Katrina

    1. this is the 3rd time i've been nominated for an award oh my god! Haha! Thank you! I'll write about it very very veryyyyy soong thnx :''')

  3. What a great group of friends ! they are all pretty ! btw Love the new look of your blog !