I'm supposed to be studying at the moment, but guess what?

Anyways, hello my awesome readers! So really, I should be studying right now but I decided to take a really short part of my time to update my blog. So exams week! phew! Isn't time so fast? I can't believe it's been two months since I wrote my 1st day of school experiences! It just hit me that a quarter has already passed! But during my first two months at school, I've learned so much things that I'm going to share you guys today as you continue to read this :)

1. Have a clean work place.

I swear! I just cleaned my desk today so I can make this post! I have a guilt for not giving any attention to clean my study desk. I'll probably plan on cleaning it soon, then decide to procrastinate and never get it done! And now, keeping a quarter resolution. I highly suggest to keep a clean work place. The clutter around can distract you while you try to get your work done. Trust me, I've been through it already.

2. Finish everything in advance

It's better to finish work in advance so you can pass everything on time. If I could just go back and redone this, I might have a better grade than the results I'm receiving now. I know most of you, (I think?) have this habit of doing the work the night before thing like I do. You know the pressure you feel with this right? I suggest accomplishing them in advance instead of doing it in rush. Try it. You'll see the difference

3. Have something to motivate you.

As you can see on my study desk, I've scattered some reminders to keep me motivated. The loom band made by my 7 year old cousin was attached on my cork board. My old camera keeping me inspired to study harder for a new one. Books by my favorite authors to remind me of becoming a famous writer like them someday. I think surrounding yourself with things that you love will keep you motivated and inspire to accomplish every work needed to be done.

4. Break Procrastination Habits!

I'm very guilty of having the label of class procrastinating queen. It finally hit me like a bitch, because of this bad habit of mine, it affected my grades. Never in my 9 years of studying, have I failed a test. But guess what? I've flucked a total of 3 of my Math tests this quarter. (I told you I suck at math!) All because of my habit on procrastinating on studying the formulas and all. (I'm taking Algebra I) Now with my experience, this has made up on my quarter resolution list.

5. Just go on with the flow, bro.

Well, lastly. Just enjoy how school it is.



  1. I liked reading this post! No to procrastination! I spy a CalPal card too :) Hello 5sos fam yay xx
    Hope you can visit my blog!!


    1. hello fellow fangirl! would love to check out your blog :)


  2. I like your post very much i had nice time while reading your post

  3. Hi! I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) -Pia x (

    1. thank you! I'll write about it very soon :)

  4. Nice "tips" haha, but I always want to try to finish everything in advance but I keep procrastinating. -_-

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY