Something Edgy And Something Bold Version 2.0

Haha well hello there my rad readers :D

I can't even call myself a blogger anymore with the number of pending posts. God! I'm on the 10th pending post. Blame my procrastination habit. lol. I swear you, I'm trying my best to update and finish them but then, SSG duties call :(

Setting all drama aside, last August 23, PHSian (from 8th grade to Year IV) along with the PHSSSGo officers went to the screening of Marka at San Fernando, Pampanga Convention *i'm writing about it, along with a vlog* and it ended around 12-ish. So I decided to call Nichole and hang out at local convenient store near us.

If you remember my 1st photoshoot with her the Something Edgy And Something Bold May Photoshoot. We decided to recreate the shoot to see our improvement haha! So we went to the commercial building and started shooting at random poses. I took these with a Nikon D5100 (family cam) and well, I'm too lazy to edit them haha! So these are raw ones.

She took this while I was looking for my phone inside my bag ugh

We ended everything pretty fine so we said goodbyes and yup, that's pretty much it.

Trying to publish my pending post today soooooooooo

Bye. Haha x