Compliments or, why not just say, Thank you …?

"Congrats on winning the first place!" "LOL, I just got lucky that day." 

I was scrolling around youtube one time and I came across this youtuber who made a video entitled, "Things I Hate That Girls Do" and based on the title, he made a short list on the things we, girls, usually do that annoy him. And one item on the list was, "When I compliment a girl and she denies it, when she really likes to be complimented."

The fact that he was right, had made me go into my deepest thoughts, yet again. I mean, why do we decline a compliment instead of just saying a sincere thank you instead?

But then again, society loves to judge. I think this is the reason why girls usually decline compliments, it's probably because once you accept the compliment, you'll end up very egotistic. But then, if you'll keep it in a very humble way, you'll be able to keep an image of a healthy self-love.

Our self-image determines our focus, or  what we allow ourselves to think about. A good self-image allows us to concentrate on compliments paid to us and the successes we have achieved. This is not to be confused with having a big head. Someone once remarked, “Conceit is a weird disease. It makes everybody sick except the one who has got it!” Being egotistical and having a healthy self-love are complete opposites.

Being egotistical and having a healthy self-love are to be differentiated; People with huge egos need to be the centre of attention, crave recognition and have little concern for those around them.

On the other hand, a healthy self-love enables us to respect our own wishes as well as the wishes of others. It means we can feel proud of our achievements without need to broadcast them, and it means we can accept our shortcomings while striving to improve ourselves.

Let’s acknowledge that it is alright to accept a compliment when it is paid to us. We don’t have to perfect to accept a compliment with a graceful thank you. Successful people always do say, “Thank you”. They realize that It is healthy to acknowledge a job well done.

A compliment is a gift. It take thought and effort to bestow a compliment on somebody. Like any gift, it is disappointing to have it thrown back in your face. This is another reason to accept a compliment gracefully. Assume a friend of yours remarks on your striking appearance: to which you reply, “But I have got fat lips and short legs!”

Now you feel bad because you haven’t accepted the compliments in the spirit it was given. They feel bad for the same reason, and remember you as their short-legged, fat-lipped friend. Why not say thank you instead?

*credits to nicz: for being my model for this rant haha. These are my shots (raw) taken from the mall concert at MQ (which have no irrelevance to my rant, but went with it because proud of my improvement!!)



  1. Very true! I couldn't have said it better! I really like the pictures, too!