Hiatus + Out Of The City Adventure Seekers

*Casually greets everyone like I haven't not noticed that been posting for a whole month* How's everyone's November going? Well, mine's really great (+ busy) so for. (Very evident with the number of blogposts I had last month) *insert lame excuse* No but seriously, I've been really busy with school and extra curricular activities that I can't spare my free time to write blogposts anymore. But since It's a new quarter, I'm back from my short hiatus to write more of my adventures!

My bestfriend, You already know who I'm talking about, and I visited SM Clark a couple of weeks ago to shop at Forever 21. It went out great. It was our first time to travel out of the city by ourselves. It was hilarious. We got "lost" when we were about to go home and we ended up following two students, hoping they were going to the same place as we are. And luckily, they were. Haha.

This ends my post for today. I'm trying to be active as much as possible since my schedule isn't really suffocating as it was weeks ago. So expect more posts this month than last!

Stay weird, Stay rad, Stay awesome!

-Xine, xx



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