Plaids & Plains

I never really saw myself being involved with "fashion blogging" before because I was the kind of girl who would see the first black shirt and black skinny jeans in her closet an pull everything off with some chucks or sneaker. And second, I created this blog out of boredom and eventually, found myself into getting serious about it, taking it as if, it is a responsibility (and for the past few months, I wasn't that active because I was caught up with school and everything) I never really know what my blog was actually all about. And I found it somehow pointless. But a few days ago, I finally made my mind and wanted to set everything right before another year starts. So somehow, A new blog, a new year.

Fashion? Style? I never really understand the whole concept of it. Not until a few days ago, I found myself taking a whole more time getting ready, finding myself applying black lines on my waterline and eyelids, realizing I was becoming so self conscious on how I looked, on how I act and all. Concluding, I was growing up. I wanted people to see me the way I wanted them to see me. The way I cloth, the way I behave, etc.

Usually, I was fine with wearing a simple graphic shirt and pants (weather it's boyfriend or skinny) and as I've said, pull it off with any shoes or sandals I find it bagay or terno. But now, I always went out with mascara on my lashes, with manicured nails, different kinds of accessories hung on me, I even wear skirts now! (I used to be scared on wearing out *except my school uniform of course*)

Well, people say I'm between the hipster and the punk-rock category but to honest, I wound consider myself on the indie. There are times I would go for ripped jeans, band shirts, plaids, concerts, partying but half of me wanted to go for girly (but not too girly because i don't really like girly things) 

So summarizing everything I said, I wanted to share this so called "style" I have using this pointless blog I have by means of photoshoots and other ideas I can use to keep this blog as active as I can. To clear out things, This is a PHOTOGRAPHY & LIFESTYLE with a little space for style blog. I would try to clear up everything before new year. So expect changes in the blog!

I hope this blog category will go successful as how I see it. But anyways, how's everyone's holiday going so far? I'm opening up a new blog feature called "Sunday Summary" inspired by Cha Ocampo's Sunday Currently. Basically, it's a summary on the things I'm doing, loving, wanting and feeling the whole week. It's to keep my blog updated and active as possible. 

 stay rad, stay weird, stay awesome! 
xx, xine



  1. fashion blogging down not suit you. neither does mascara. you know what? it makes you look older than you really are. wear skirts all you want, or tights or whatever you think is cool, but seriously they do not suit you. just what the heck — your blog posts are also full of shit like excuses.