if you're following me on Instagram you'll know by now that I recently dyed my hair a blue-ish green. All my friends are giving me props and compliments about it and even asking on where did I get it done? But the truth, I dyed my own hair all by myself with out any help. I actually feel happy and proud of the results and I want to share with you guys my hair experiences.

I really wanted to dye my hair a crazy color ever since. But I was too scared because it requires to have my hair bleached. I usually have my hair done at salons and I've had chocolate brown hair a few weeks ago. But all the grunge inspired hair dos scattered all over my tumblr feed are tempting me to finally take the risk of dyeing my hair.

School is almost coming to an end so I thought of it as the perfect time to dye it. I only wanted it temporary so I started exploring the internet to look for semi-permanent hair dyes. Then I discovered about this shop called DYEBISH.PH. They were selling affordable powder dyes and lasted for 2-4 weeks (depending on shampoo formula) and it was the perfect dye I need. Even though it would only last for a couple of weeks, I was quite satisfied with the results.

I really think that if we don't take the chances in the things that we really desire, we won't be completely happy and then you'll eventually regret not doing it earlier. If you want to dye you hair into a crazy color like I did, be sure to check out @dyebish.ph on instagram. Especially this comming summer!

*Thanks to Kate Castro btw for taking my pictures for me.



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