School's back and I haven't even fixed my sleeping schedule yet.


My school opened classes last Monday, June 6th. My first day was tiring, yet I'd say it was exciting? first of: It drained me. I didn't exactly get enough sleep the night before since I was really anxious, with the thought of new academic year, starting in a few hours. New lessons to learn, new friends to make, the experiences, the laughter, the scolding. All those things were running through my 2AM thoughts.

ADVENTURE AWAITS. Students, getting into their classrooms, with the anxious feeling of another adventure waiting for them upstairs.

To be really honest, I was I'd say a bit excited? It was also my first day as the school's paper newest photojournalist. I also get to see my friends who I really didn't get to keep in touch in the summer. (Frankly, because I kind of dedicated most of my time in trying to get to high ELO in League of Legends, and went back to blogging) It was the best feeling. I hugged most of them and took a few pictures. (Our school didn't exactly allowed mobile phones in class, but I had an SLR with me.. perks?) It really felt good to see them after a few months.

Of course, first day back also meant a lot of adjustments. For me, it was my sleeping schedule. During the summer, (well, until now) I had trouble with sleeping since I was Nocturnal. It was a struggle for me to wake up at 5AM to get ready for school. I also had to adjust with the feeling of a new classroom, since the grade 9th classrooms where placed in the Main Building. For a few, i'm guessing it would be having to adjust to a new section. Of course, there are some students who got to be placed in the homogeneous sections, or star section. Unlike us, we were still in the hetero and 90% of my classmates are still my classmates from last year, there weren't exactly any adjustments needed.

I AM A FILIPINO. CS Students showing their Filipino pride by taking the pledge of allegiance to the Philippine flag


But overall, I'm really looking for ward on how my academic year will turn out. I'll be writing a small "Back to School Series" which includes some organization tip, DIY, advice and probably anything I'd find helpful for the incoming students this Monday :)



  1. I don't normally find bloggers/blogs made by people around our age okaya naman sadyang wala lang talaga akong alam about this type of endeavor, but great work! Looking forward to read more in the future :)