TSUKIDAYO - I love you, to the moon and back.

Hello! It's been a about a year since my last blog post. I went on a very very long hiatus, since I really didn't get any time to fix my blog, or my life even. School took my social life away, and It was difficult enough for me to adjust, since I transferred school yet again. But over the summer, I had a lot of time to spare, so I decided, why not get back to blogging? 

So after all the coding, all those late night brainstorming, I finally even have my own domain now! I re-opened my blog, re branding it to: Tsukidayo. Which meant, I love you. (to the moon and back). I'll be hosting a give away soon, as a little celebration for me, back to blogging so I hope everyone will still keep in touch, and for those who stayed since day one, I promise, I won't go anywhere this time. And all the wait will be worth it. x



  1. I hope to hear more from you Maxine!! Excited to read your new posts :)

    - Skeen